two thousand and sixteen

by Scars of Babylon

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released March 9, 2016

All lyrics and music were written, recorded, mixed and produced by Scars of Babylon.
Instrumental recorded at Sotão, and all the vocals at Flávio Duarte Studio.



all rights reserved


Scars of Babylon Lisbon, Portugal

Hardcore from the dark alleys of Lisbon.

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Track Name: two thousand and sixteen
Two thousand and sixteen,
so much shit i've seen.
Thinking about hopes and dreams,
what went wrong?

Better lives for you and me.
Maybe a work with some dignity!?
Who has never craved for a better world?
Is this the future?

Two thousand and sixteen,
you work to survive and not to live.
Two thousand and sixteen,
when a credit card worths more than me.

Two thousand and sixteen,
so much technology.
Thinking about hopes and dreams,
What went wrong?
Track Name: gods and humans
This world is cold, like a follower of death…
Who to blame? We all (become) the same.
Gods and humans,
no one is perfect!
Gods and humans,
trials and errors!
Can we choose our mirrors?
Grab the stones and smile to destruction.
Track Name: destiny
Long stories of broken dreams are not hard to achieve.
Just walk by on these streets, and this life of concrete will drag you down.
Kept you away from your sleep, and making you wonder if this maze is a life. Sorrow and wasted time, we get up everyday just to feed a lie.

I sleep awake at night, dwelling about..

Only on our calloused hands, lays the choice to try and find a better way.
We can’t complain all the time, but there is something wrong with this country.
i keep on walking by in these dark streets of hunger and unemployment.
Were the only ones that pay the price are the ones with nothing to give.

I sleep awake at night, dwelling about..

Breaking the walls around me, and this chaos inside of me.
I will not stand still, my path can be made by my will.
Track Name: rethink
I could have been you…
You could have been me…
Did you ever thought about
what could have been destiny?
A chance to live in another place,
been labeled has part of another race.
Being rich, just get by or live in disgrace.
All fortunes can become the same
when we choose to embrace
a world without borders.
A world without fucking borders!

Dont want to seem utopic
but we were made to evolve.

We could just find a balance,
give the same (chances) to everyone.

Let a new concept of humanity…
Be more than flags and a number of id!
Track Name: more than this
Born in a planet we are divided,
one world with crossed lines.
Arrogance of the fools,
compressed into rules.
Fear and pressure to ensure
you are trapped in this illusion.
Reality is do or try,
or just live in refusal.
But let’s grab this chance to
reach into some conclusions.
We need to rethink this world
and evolve into better humans.

There is more in this world,
than this society!
Where everyone is lost in needs.
There is more in this world,
than this reality!
Where everyone is lost in greed.

There is time to improve,
Before we all loose.
We can't loose...


Rivers of blood flow through Babylon.
Screams... difuse the pain.
For every life that is cast away
in the name of profit.
In the name of comodity…
Animal liberation!