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by Scars of Babylon

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Split release with Not enough, Chaos AD and Selfish. To listen to the whole release go to this page: mortedabezerra666.bandcamp.com/releases


released October 17, 2016

All music and lyrics were written and recorded by Scars of Babylon.
Guest vocals on "Sorrow" by Márcia Santos.
All songs were mixed and mastered by Jorge 138 at Sotão.



all rights reserved


Scars of Babylon Lisbon, Portugal

Hardcore from the dark alleys of Lisbon.

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Track Name: Scars of Babylon - Shall Fall
We were turned into slaves. No freedom, and still we see no prison.
And how about these chains that were planted inside our minds?
Now the time has come to break free from this madness.
Track Name: Scars of Babylon - Sorrow
Choking from 9 to 5, and to some more than that.
5 to 7 days a week, no time for our families.
Work to pay the bills, no money for our dreams.
Fit the mold or leave this place.

This sorrow has roots built in us

Searching for a space to reconnect,
hoping to reach a haven so we can forget.
The pain that has grown in our minds.
The need to feel the air, and the will to breathe again.

This sorrow has roots deep inside of us

This sorrow has grown in us
And the sorrow has broken us

This sorrow, is our sorrow.
Track Name: Scars of Babylon - Life schedule
It's proclaimed and established as the only way forward,
when we destroy our time with a plastic watch.
How many hours do we spend building a cage of anxiety.
And how many times have we spent living our own fucking lives?

Again and again
The time flies by.
And we know this, because we keep the clock alive.
Again and again
The time flies by.
We know this, because it’s messing with our minds.

So many people, so much to achieve.
So many dreams and so few to reach.
It's hard to give up and start again, but the ones who did say it's possible.
A life is made for a purpose, it’s more than bills and income growth.
The time has arrived for a new path, first world problems are not here to last.

Now we set a new time
Now we reclaim our lives.
Again and again
It's time to open our eyes.
Again again and again
The truth is never far.